Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A New Beginning

Hi.  My name is Kenny Mortel.  Some of you probably already know me.  Some of you might not.  If you don't, it'd maybe be a good idea to read this blog first.  If you don't have time to read the whole thing, then at least let me fill you in here.

There was this girl.  Her name was Lily.  We dated for a few years.  Then the Slender Man entered our lives.  A supernatural faceless man in a business suit who grows arms like branches.  He brought us together for a while, in a sense.

Then he ultimately tore us apart.  She and her family.  My family.  Dead.  I started wandering.  Running away from their deaths.  I still carry Lily with me, in my heart and as a staff I've named after her.

I started blogging after a while.  Met people.  Had places to go.  Chris "The Raggedyman" Schultz helped me train some.  A woman calling herself Wayward Son (actually a girl) and a proxy called Lyron taught me more about the Fears, a pantheon of creatures similar to the Slender Man.  Helped a guy calling himself Rogue Shadow start up a series of safehouses for other people running from the Slender Man.  Found myself being protected by an ex-cop named Edwin Canis.

But most notable was a group of proxies calling themselves the Ten Masks.  They're a group that seems almost deliberately quirky.  I think that their leader, Last of the Last (who's apparently the only remaining survivor of a different dimension?  It's weird and confusing, you'd need to read Wandering from Death), deliberately chose a group of people who were as "shonen anime villain" as possible.  I feel like he might be making fun of me a bit, considering that I have Kenshin as an avatar and...may have ended up acquiring a similar scar.  Anyway, the Ten Masks have been keeping a close eye on me, alternating between attacking me and helping me--though apparently the attacks were largely just to test my fighting skill.

Fairly recently, I traveled with two kids named Ryan and Jenny, a homeless-looking quiet guy they called Silent Bob, and a double agent proxy called Dumas.  A group of proxies came after us, Dumas defected to help us escape, the Slender Man showed up, and long story short, it turns out that Silent Bob was a sociopath from another dimension who ended up killing all three of our traveling companions and half of the proxies who came after us.

I had a breakdown after that, but I came out of it and I came out strong.  I came out deciding that running wouldn't do any good, and that it was time to fight back.  Last of the Last roped me in, told me his plan to kill the Slender Man and the Fears, and I decided to join his cause.

And that brings us to the present.  I've taken some time to myself to write this up, but it's not going to be too common.  I don't really have much time to write for a while just because I'm trying to get to know the Ten Masks.  I need to be working with them as part of a team, so I really need to get to know all of them.

I'll see you all then.


  1. Good luck. I am glad you have recovered and making a strong start.

    These Masks, can they be trusted?

    1. Absolutely not, but at this point I really have nothing to lose.

  2. Hey! You have the same post title as me!

    I'm not sure whether you did that on purpose or not...

    1. Coincidence. It's a pretty broad stroke for a title.

  3. "...was a sociopath from another dimension who ended up killing all three of our traveling companions and half of the proxies who came after us."

    That's now my favorite description anyone has given of me.

    1. And yet I shall always remember you as the guy who threw a marshmallow at the Slender Man.